Resume of Nolton Johnson, Manager
1221 NE 6th St., Bend, Oregon 97701



                    Subcontractor relationships with companies in machinery manufacturing
                    or mechanical product design, development or production. Wood products

                    ·     Mechanical Draftsman, design & detail of machinery & products   
                    ·     Inventor and innovator, new products, 5 U.S. patents, 2 applications
                    ·     Effective in project coordinating, teamwork and independent work
                    ·     Experienced, hands-on performance of shop and manufacturing operations
                    ·     Sales Engineer, U.S. & European capital equipment & systems. Sold the 
                              1st Optimizing Wood Cut-Off Saw & the 1st European Horizontal Wood
                              Finger Jointer in the US Pacific Northwest 
                    ·     Material Handling Designer, plant layout and automation
·     Designed and prototyped mechanical alignment and staging component
                          of an automatic laser wafer scribing system. Patent assigned to employer
                    ·     Created two new types of automatic stacking machines utilizing minimal
                          floor space.  Both eliminate previous labor requirements, one patented
                    ·     Invented two unique mechanical cut-off saws, one of which was patented
                          and assigned to employer.  Both eliminated traditional use of compressed
                          air. Thousands have been sold
                    ·     Selected and focused on a segment of one industry, designing a coordi-
                          nated machinery product line that sold directly as well as through dealers
                    ·     Purchased, installed and operated the first CAD System  in  the Central
                          Oregon industrial field, 1983.

                    ·     Designed heavy presswork tooling for R&D project engineers in a large
                          scale military products factory.  Advanced to R&D Project Engineer
                          position, moving Cartridge Case tooling projects through drafting,
                          machine shop, testing and into full production.
                    ·     Lived and worked four years in Costa Rica while continuing to have equip-
                          ment built in the U.S.  Coordinated with customers and suppliers, traveling
                          when necessary to accept product, deliver, install and initiate start up for 
                          clients.  Acquired new clients in Costa Rica.
                    ·     Work well with co-workers, suppliers, subcontractors and information
                          sources in order to accomplish projects within cost & time constraints plus
                          meet performance goals.


TOOLS OF THE TRADE                                                                            

                    ·     Drafting:  Excellent manual drafting, sketching & 3D illustrating.  Able to
                          produce fast clean work up of ideas on paper or on whiteboard.  Can build
                         scale mockup models or rapid prototypes from CAD files  
                    ·     2D CAD Software: Cascade Graphics Development 1983, ClarisCad 1989,
                          VectorWorks 1995 (dual platform), Current Draftsight for all versions of Acad

                    ·     3D & Solid Modeling:  SolidWorks 2001 - 2016 and Onshape


 2001-Today   Designer & Owner,  Special Jobs      Machine Design Company LLC,
                       In SolidWorks, 3D Models & Plans    Bend, Oregon

                       (Patent #5 Granted)

1995-2001      Sales Engineer, Capital Machinery,    Production Machinery Inc.
                       Special Machinery Designer               Bend, Oregon

1992-1995     Consultant/Designer & Owner            ALEXAM S.A.
                      (Patent #4 Granted)                            San Jose, Costa Rica

1989-1992      Designer & Owner                             N.J. Mfg. Inc., Bend, Oregon &

                       (Patent #3 Granted)                           San Jose, Costa Rica

1979-1989      Designer & Owner, Many New
          N.J. Machine Design
                       Machines & Production Lines            Bend, Oregon

1974-1979      Engineering Dept. Manager               Mid-Oregon Industries
                       (Patent #2 Granted)                            Bend, Oregon

1971-1972      Plant Engineer PA & Maint Super.,    Bend Millwork Company
                       Designed Equip., Hired Millwrights    Bend, Oregon

1971-1974      Designer & Owner, Many New           Bend Machine Design                     
                       Machines & Production Lines             Bend, Oregon

1969-1971      Laser Machine Product Designer       Union Carbide, Korad Div.
                       (Patent #1 Granted)                            Santa Monica, California

1967-1969      Tool Designer, Project Engineer         Norris Industries
                        Military Products Plant                       Vernon, California

1962-1967      Machine & Product Designer,            Component Research Co., Inc.

                       Precision Capacitors                          Santa Monica, California


Central Oregon Inventors Network

     ·     Consulting, Design, Drafting & Patent Figures

Shounco Design Studios
(SolidWorks VAR)
     ·     SolidWorks Essentials Training
     ·     SolidWorks Advanced Assembly Training

California Institute of Tool Design and Technical Engineering
     ·     Training in drafting jigs & fixtures, design for manufacturing
Santa Monica City College
     ·     Mathematics, physics, metallurgy and technical writing
Don Bosco Technical Institute
     ·     Non-destructive testing, eddy current method
Paul Monroe Hydraulics Inc.
     ·     Industrial fluid power, pneumatics & hydraulics
Miller Fluid Power
     ·     Industrial hydraulics
Norris Industries
     ·     Metallurgy & Work Simplification training
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
     ·     Senior member, past
Soaring school
     ·     Glider training
Cascade Graphics Development Co., L.A.
     ·     Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Self taught
     ·     Automotive mechanic & designer, machine designer and Inventor
     ·     Built & flew a Benson Kit Gyro Glider